Wednesday, September 19, 2012

be first.

"to achieve the impossible, it is precisely the unthinkable that must ne thought." -tom robbins

i have wanted to make a bucket list for some time now. i love hearing others lists and admire them for dreaming big (or just dreaming creatively and randomly. i know a lot of mine are silly but they're silly little dreams that are important to me). i think im slightly afraid of wanting something great. i don't know why but i want that to stop. i can do hard things. i can do great things. "you is kind, you is smart, you is important." here's to dreaming big and thinking the unthinkable...
bucket list.
learn how to french braid 
live in a foreign country
run another half marathon
write a song
take a photography class
learn (again) to play the guitar
backpack through europe
plant a garden
do a sprint triathlon
perform at an open mic night
married in the temple
sew a dress
new york trip in the fall primarily to see a ton of shows on broadway
go to every temple in utah
dye my hair dark brown...for a little while. i hear that blonde's have more fun. 
humanitarian trip to africa
go hot air ballooning
pay for a strangers meal at a restaurant
build my own home (alright, well design it at least)
be a successful business woman/mom and own a cafe-jam by cam
rock the pixie cut (post wedding of course)
serve a full time lds mission

and since i absolutely love fall and feel like sometimes i don't take advantage of this time of year i made a fall bucket list. two years ago i lived in china so i missed my utah fall. last year i was too in love to think about anything that wasn't 6'2" with blonde hair, blue eyes, dimples, and a freckle near his lips that made my knees go weak...neither china or that distracting male are in my life presently and i keep thinking about how i missed out on certain things during those two falls because of them. needless to say i'm not missing out on anything this year.
fall bucket list.
make my own pumpkin-spice-something-drink
go on a hike once leaves change
do a fall-themed craft (maybe i'll finally jump on board with pinterest)
rake leaves for a widow
carve a pumpkin
purchase a new scarf
go to frightmares or a haunted house
drive up the canyon
get donuts and hot cocoa on a chilly evening
make a pumpkin chiffon pie
perfect my butternut squash soup recipe
go to a soccer game
run a half marathon (ok this isn't really fall related but i put it on so i had to sign up for one this fall)
go camping

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

be ready.

"perhaps this very instant is your time." -louise bogan

a few things:

1) i realize i have a whole summer to catch up on and that will happen...just not right now. i wish i had the time tonight to recap the wonderful summer i just had, but i don't. 
2) my good friend chris and new friend jim helped me remind me of a few important things. i am grateful that people are put into our lives to help teach us what the lord knows we need to hear. jim tracey is a man i met at the jamestown assisted living center. i am going to visit with people there once a week for a class project and i can already tell that i will treasure the time i will spend with these wise, elderly people. jim reminded me that i am in control of my happiness. i am in control of those who i surround myself with, and if they aren't happy or don't make me happy then i need to change that. being happy is one of the greatest blessings and i think we can control it more than we realize. chris helped me see that i need to be stronger. i need to take control of life situations and realize that the "downs" and times that hurt are times of growth and development. i need to not stress so much and can accomplish this by setting long term goals and making future plans. friends are wonderful. they often seem to give the exact pick-me-up needed. i will remember these wise words of wisdom and will work on developing these qualities so i will be ready with whatever this time of life has to offer. perhaps this very instant is my time. 
3) chris also told me a few things that are on his bucket list and i was upset with myself for not having one. it is a goal of mine to have that posted shortly.