Monday, May 24, 2010

oh mr. sun, sun, mr. golden sun, please shine down on me

the older i get the more aware i am of things: death and tragedy, the feelings of others, and the weather are just a few. i am sure that it snowed in may or june in the past but i don't seem to remember it happening very often. i just remember how upset i was when i found out it had snowed today. i was downstairs, watching barbie's version of the twelve dancing princesses with my niece milan and my sister came down with a cup of hot cocoa. i thought this was quite absurd considering the fact that it was indeed the 24th of may. she proceeded to tell me that she needed the hot cocoa to warm her up because it was snowing outside. i think i may have become a little depressed when i heard the news. i was under the impression that i would be enjoying summer-like weather this week. i know that i, as well as the rest of the residents of utah are sick of this on going snow. all of the facebook status' are enough proof that we are all wishing that mr. sun would grace us with his presence. oh well, hopefully i can enjoy the sunshine soon. very soon.

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