Sunday, June 20, 2010

to my papa...

i felt it was appropriate to take the time to somewhat publically brag about my wonderful father. there is not enough time for me to say all i wish to or words to express exactly how i feel about my dad. but at least this is something.

my dad has always been there for me and i know he always will be. he has been there for me when i was hurt physically, when i needed questions answered, when i needed comfort (sometimes in the form of a backrub), when i was being a silly girl that cried for no reason, when i felt discouraged, when i felt lonely...i could go on and on. he is always mindful of each one of his kids.

when i was away at school i would love it when my dad would call me and we'd have a short two minute conversation but it was enough to remind me that he cared, enough for me to still feel his love for me even though i was 200+ miles away. i don't think he knows this, and i'd feel really guilty if he found out. but sometimes i wouldn't answer when he called because i knew that just hearing his voice would make me start crying. i always called him back later, but it was like he had an ability to call me right when i was missing home, or having a rough day. i love him for that though.

my sister gave a talk today in church and she touched on how my dad does small and simple things that mean more to us than great things would. he definitely surprises us and does the great things as well, but it's with the small and simple things he does each and every day that really make me look up to him. he really is one of the best examples that i have. i truly want to be just like my dad when i grow up. he's the best dad i know and i couldn't be more happy to be his daughter. i love you dad!

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