Thursday, August 5, 2010


i haven't blogged for a while and because of that there is catching up to do. i would like to highlight three very special people in my life. all three have recently-meaning the last couple of months, gone through a slight change in their life. to my dear friends, i'm sorry this is late. but you know me...when do i ever do anything on time?

number one. my wonderful, talented, beautiful, self-motivated friend rebekah hafen. rebek turned the big 2-0 on june 22 this year. turning 20 is quite a scary thought i think. not just 20 in particular, but i guess from now on every birthday will be a little bit scary. no, the birthday's aren't scaring me because that means i'm becoming older than my vampire boyfriend, but they're scaring me because life is in the fast lane on i-15 for me and my friends right now. us girls recently got together for lunch at costa vida and it seriously felt like we were in high school, just grabbing a bite to eat before returning to our eighth period classes. almost four years have passed since we had lunch together at costa as juniors in high school. we are now heading into our junior year of college. life is moving fast. one thing that i love about bekah is that she has accomplished so much already. if all goes according to plan, she is planning on graduating next fall. i don't know if i can even estimate the year that i'll graduate from college. she has had her mind set on what she wants and she has worked so hard to get there. she has skipped out on summer breaks because she took more classes, she has worked her tail off helping hundreds of students figure out their life plans, she has given up opportunities to hang out because she was studying for hours and hours, she has researched and planned out exactly what she'll need to do to get what she wants and deserves. i admire that bek and i wish i could possess that same quality. i love you and know you'll do great things. happy late birthday rebek.

super old photo...still love it though. TWINS!!

number two. michelle maw-the best roommate i've ever had just turned twenty a month after rebekah. not only has she been my best roommate but she has been a member of the three musketeers and one of my best friends since sophomore year. we have built so many memories it's becoming hard to remember them all. but i want to remember them all so here i go, writing some down so i'll have them forever engraved in my mind. *cheer trip-florida-junior year. most of this trip is a slightly sour memory for my dear michy but one night in particular i'll never forget. we went crazy at the swap meet near our hotel and bought some see-through, old woman, semi-lingerie pj's to wear to bed that night. due to some drama, we were invited to our coaches room for some girl talk and comfort food. we headed over to our coaches room, stopped at what we thought was the right hotel room and knocked. as we waited we got anxious and started wondering if this was the right room. that question was soon answered when an old man (like 60 or 70 year old man) answered the door and just stared at the two 17 year olds wearing see-through pajama's that were standing in the doorway. we were shocked, entered into a giggle fit, and quickly ran to the right door and shared a fun night with our cheer coaches listening to stories about...well we'll just keep those to ourselves.* *countless bus rides to and from games were only ok because of mich. the whole bus singing "i'll make love to you" is almost just as good, but not quite. we watched movies, talked, slept, took pictures, stole rebekah's frozen peas and corn (best snack ever. thanks for being so brilliant bek), and just became closer friends. i'll treasure those hours we were able to spend together.* *lake powell senior trip. water skiing with michelle maw at the exact same time is probably one of my greatest accomplishments. both of us were on double ski's and we were out at the same time, doing syncronized movements and having a grand ol' time. that whole week was filled with deep conversations with mich and i loved every second of it. thanks for inviting me to be a part of the maw family.* *first day of college. moving down to cedar city was rough for michelle but she did it anyways. i am so grateful that she was with me to go through the anxiety of starting that new chapter of our lives. she is the truest of true friends because she put up with me not being as good of a friend as i should have been during our freshman year. she was always there for me; being my mom when i needed one still, helping me with homework, having movie marathons until the wee hours of the morning, etc. i couldn't have grown the way that i did that year without her example.* i could go on. michelle is amazing in every way possible. she is so beautiful inside and out, she is the most caring person i know, and she is always looking out for others needs before her own. each year brings new experiences and new growth and i only hope the best for you michy. i love you! happy late birthday.

best cheer camp. yeeeessss.

number three. my most recent friend to complete his first week in the mtc, elder tyson james jenkins. my strong, handsome, caring, best friend has made the decision to serve an lds mission for two years. he has been called to the stockholm sweden mission and reported to the mtc exactly one week ago on july 28th, 2010. i cannot comprehend what he will go through mentally, physically, and spiritually for the two years, but i do know that the outcome of it all will be fantastic. i can only hope that my self motivation will be bumped up a few notches so that i will be progressing at least a little, if not more during the next couple of years. i met elder jenkins at the end of september, 2009 in matt moody's dorm room at suu. he had the common teenage boy hair-do, aka long shaggy hair that is sometimes straightened with a flat iron, (he cut it shortly after we met, i had nothing to do with it though...), he wore an old jersey and longboarded everywhere, he gave me a cute nick name and told me he'd make me fall in love with him (i thought that was just crazy), but he had a little half way smile that i couldn't resist. he's been on my mind ever since. he is someone that i can be myself around. i can talk to him about anything. he knows me well enough to make predictions about me or call me out on something. he has made me laugh harder than anyone else has. he is the strongest guy i know, and i feel safest when his arms surround me. he has the making of an amazing, strong missionary and i know he is going to give it his all for the next two years. he never gives less than 100% and i admire that about him. 723 more days to go tys- keep on keeping on.

farewell time. hej do (goodbye in sweden).

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  1. Cam, thank you so much! You're so kind, it almost brought tears to my eyes :) I love you!