Wednesday, July 14, 2010

summer fun.

this summer has definitely been filled with family time, parties, new friends, old friends, reunions, and laughter.

i have enjoyed having two jobs-magleby's fresh and la jolla groves. they keep me plenty busy and because of that i haven't seen everyone as much as i would have liked. but i've been very blessed to have the opportunity to work and make some money.

MEC had some fun on the lake about a month ago. i've been a slacker and haven't talked about it until now, but it's better late than never. i tried wake boarding again and got up after a few tries. i was a wimp and didn't stay up for too long each time because there were so many waves, but it was still way fun. i realized that i'm really not a huge fan of tubing. i think that i am and it is pretty fun but the feeling of almost getting my arms ripped off, constantly almost falling off and having to hold on so tight was only slightly enjoyable while actually tubing. of course if you were to ask me right now if i wanted to go tubing with my two best friends i'd say yes instantly. it's only during the "fun" ride that i might think twice about tubing.

i have LOVED having my sister melanie and her family stay at our house for part of the summer. my niece lucy and nephew owen have been my best friends the last few weeks and i am amazed at how small yet big they are. i will be very sad when they have to leave us in a couple weeks.

the fourth of july is always a treat for me. i have been in a play the last three years that really helps bring back the true spirit of the fourth. i love doing it with my little sister and newfound friends. i also enjoy all of the family bbq's, reuniting with family i haven't seen for months and months, and i love all of the fireworks. this fourth of july was indeed a success.

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