Thursday, September 16, 2010

did you mean a van?

let me paint a picture for you.
seven 19-20 year old girls, four chinese adults, fourteen large 50 lb suitcases, seven small carry on roller suitcases, seven backpacks, a few pillows, blankets, gift bags, and some purses all in a 8 seater van.

it's usually only a six hour ride to our school but due to three “rests” along the way, (we were forced to get out, stretch our legs, and stand for a few minutes) unwanted traffic and rain it took us a little more than eight hours to arrive at our destination: may flora international school, bengbu china. as if the long ride wasn't fun enough we had the privilege of receiving lung cancer because the driver would smoke while driving at least 3 times an hour. in addition to that (yes folks, there's more) mich and i were lucky enough to sit in the corners with our feet on top of suitcases during the entire ride. if that doesn't sound as fun as a day in disneyland, i don't know what would.

we were told that we would be taking a six hour bus ride to the school from the airport after traveling for basically two days straight. when we found this out we tried to be optimistic about it and say we'd find a way to make it fun. after seeing the " bus" we were provided with my optimism left. we definitely got up close and personal with each other. after spending time like that, while being greasy and unshowered, close instant friendships are formed. gotta love it.

enough said...

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