Thursday, September 16, 2010

xīn péngyǒu...

this is a post dedicated to my new friends and i will attempt to remember their new chinese names. mary our native coordinator gave them to us the first week we arrived. spelling is guaranteed to not be correct and the actual pronounciation is probably way different than what i think it is. but it's fun to try to be a legit asian. my chinese name sounds an awful like what we would call a wee wee. i've realized that i shouldn't tell chinese people my chinese name. i don't want to be known as a wee wee here in china...

han nah (hannah): hannah is so sweet and so far has loved all of the same movies that i do. i already know we’re going to be friends.

shishou (hailee): hailee is very cute with her kids. she has great lesson ideas and is so on top of things. she is always so positive.

guoa guoa (brittney): britt is extremely outgoing, confident, gorgeous and has many talents. she has a missionary named tyson too. :) i love that we share that in common.

ee ling (rachel): rach is one of my best friends and i'm so glad she decided to come. she has a special gift of making everyone around her feel happy and included. she is real about things, tells you how it is, but is so considerate, thoughtful and genuine.

ephan (michelle): mich is one of my oldest and best friends. she is such a trooper for coming. this is pretty outside of mich’s comfort zone (it really is for all of us though) but she get things done, does it well and is still smiling and making me laugh at the end of the day. i’m so grateful we have decided to embark on this journey together. all we need is peace, faith and luck and we’ll get through it.

shoshong (victoria): tori is our head teacher and we couldn’t have asked for a better one! she is so prepared and knows how to help us. she is efficient yet flexible and chill, she is so nice, stylish, beautiful and friendly. without her we’d all be on a plane back home by now.

yours truly, si si (camille)

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  1. LOVE this picture of you guys! you all look so cute. {miss you}