Saturday, February 26, 2011

catch up

well i've failed at blogging as often as i wanted to. the last few weeks have been crrrrazy though. it feels like i have been working all of the time, i had mid terms to worry about and i've still tried to be somewhat social. work has been fun and i've already paid my parents back for china (sweet, i know). mid terms sucked to say the least...i didn't check my scores until just recently...i shouldn't have checked them at all. i don't even want to talk about it. being social has been a little exhausting but quite fun. 

the most fun socializing perhaps occurred on the ccrt 2011 that took place over presidents' day weekend. cedar city reunion tour 2011 was the most fun i've had in a long time. it's amazing how easy it is to be with my amazing girls taryn, michelle, rachel, andrea, kirstyn and sadie. meg is on her mish and was missed but we know she's doing such a wonderful service and we love her for that. we all piled in my mothers mini van friday evening and headed to cedar. rachel made us itineraries that included a packing list, brought a bag full of goodies, and kirst and andrea made us a few playlists. we didn't listen to one song on the drive down because we were too busy chatting and catching up. the last time we were all together was june or july i think. time just escapes us ya know. it doesn't matter though. we are bosom buddies through and through. we don't have to talk every day to still love each other. when we do get together it's as if nothing changed, we pick up right where we left off. i truly enjoyed myself and loved spending time with my girls. i was also able to visit other friends that i haven't seen for a long time, much too long. i really am so grateful for technology and that it enables me to stay in touch with friends even if c can't physically see them as often as i'd like. i guess there is a something worthwhile about facebook and texting.

a few things happened while in cedar city. some i'm not quite as proud of as others. that's life.

  • i gained a few lbs because of how much food i ate (costa, pastry pub, dq, pizza factory, spaghetti and garlic bread, wendy's, wingers, who knows how much diet coke and diet mountain dew...i know what your thinking and yes i really was only gone for three and a half days...)

  • i didn't sleep. at all. but i had people to see and things to check off the list. and when i did sleep it was on the floor or a creeky box spring. sacrifice.

  • i became infected with bieber fever. we went to see never say never and my goodness, that justin is a cutie. and more than that he's truly talented. after being given a gift like that from god i wouldn't expect him to be doing anything else. what can i say, i'm a belieber. he's put in so much hard work already, i wonder how long his little 16 year old body will be able to take it. i'm sure he'll be going strong for a number of years. i won't complain. maybe i'll still be single in a couple years when he turns 18. sure justin, i'll let you choose me to be the lonely girl at your next concert.

  • i met a zebra named marty. scipio is a crazy place folks. who just keeps a zebra next to a gas station? i'm pretty sure alex, gloria and melman were pretty worried about where marty had disappeared to. the next madagascar to come out will be "madagascar: marty lost in scipio, utah"

  • i didn't touch my homework. that was expected though.
  • as i was touring good ol juniper i visited my freshman year room with mich and the other girls' rooms on a200, kirstyns room, my ra room and tys' room. every place brought back a flood of memories. it was so great. 
  • watched a fair share of gossip girl episodes. that was also expected. 

i love love loved ccrt 2011. it brought back so many good memories. it made me indescribably happy. it rejuvenated me. cedar will always have a soft spot in my heart. love you c^2. 

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