Friday, February 4, 2011

i miss them.

it has been seven weeks. 
i can't believe it's already been that long. 
what if they've forgotten me?
i definitely haven't forgotten them.
i can't stop thinking about their dirty little hands
or their green snot runny noses, 
or their cute uniforms and unisex clothes, 
or their sweet mullets, braids, bangs and awful haircuts. 
basically i'm really close to driving to salt lake, buying a plane ticket to china, and staying with my kids for forever. i just got a qq. i'm hoping that i can video chat with my friends and little kiddies soon. until then i'll just look at their stinkin' cute faces via pictures on my computer. i have thirty other students that i love and miss just as much but their pictures will have to join a later post. 
i love you kids. don't forget teacher camille.
madi (ended up being mich's student but i still loved her...and her green snot)
tyler (also became one of mich's. he was a punk but there was a soft spot in my heart for him from day one)
austin- he's one of mich's but he was up there on my list of favorites.
tyson-this kid was all smiles all of the time.
james- i cried more with james than any other person in china. we had something special.
mick-he lived in our building and would often wake us by knocking on every
door in the hallway before finding ours..."teacher camille! teacher camille!"
emmy- this was one of two pictures i got of her smiling. so adorable.
sam- he left about half way through the semester. maybe it was because he wore his pjs to class...
jessica-she was rach's but i loved her to death.
blake- he would often massage my hands to make them warm and scratch my back out of love. i love him.
jordan- she was amazing. she would teach me chinese while walking to class everyday. we had a special connection.
ashley- she was a pill sometimes but how can you not love that face?? she loved stickers, like the rest of the kids do.

birthday hugs from my favorite kids :)


  1. so cute...really i just want to pinch their cute little cheeks

  2. I found you!!!! Haha, and I am soooo happy about it. This is adorable