Wednesday, April 13, 2011

be involved.

"life is not a path of coincidence, happenstance, and luck, but rather an unexplainable, meticulously charted course for one to touch the lives of others and make
 a difference in the world." 
-barbara dillinham-

i was supposed to blog on sunday. didn't happen. i was actually supposed to blog the last two sundays. didn't happen. i have found that lately i really haven't been that busy. i'm not working quite as much, school is finishing up, and finals are just around the corner. my excuse for slacking off is that i have none. i have loved spending time talking with my family members, watching a show here and there, and catching up with friends. 

now to get to the real reason of this post. last sunday was april 10th, the birthday of a particular guy in my life. he is doing exactly what the quote above is saying. he is in sweden serving a mission at this time because god placed him there. he put tyson there because he knew he'd be able to touch the lives of others and make a difference in the world. what a fantastic opportunity! the day before his birthday tyson baptized this man named kari who he has been teaching for the last six months. the lord doesn't just put us in certain places or in peoples lives for no reason. there's always a plan and we need to be willing to listen to the spirit so we can follow that plan and know what we can do for the people around us. 

i have yet to spend april 10th with tyson. maybe i never will. i hope i do though. "life is not a path of coincidence, happenstance, and luck..." i know he came into my life at a specific time and for a specific reason. i just don't know yet if that reason will allow me to spend his birthday with him. we'll see. until then pretend elder jenkins will do. happy birthday tys.

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