Wednesday, April 20, 2011

be positive.

"what you find in your mind is what you put there. put good things there."
-mary ford-
i'm afraid i haven't put the best things in my mind. well i have a few but i definitely could have added more this semester but i didn't. want to know how i know i didn't? the scores of my final exams tell us plain as day that i have not put good things in my mind. but i'm reminded to stay positive. by staying positive i will be able to put good things into my somewhat slow and often confused brain. thank you finals for being over. at least for this semester. 

this semester i truly enjoyed the little things. (obviously i didn't care about the big things like learning, test taking, homework doing etc.) here's a fairly small list of a few of my favorite things of winter semester 2011at brigham young university.  
-one day i was walking to school and a guy farted (sorry for using that word) in front of me and then he turned around to see if anyone was behind him. super awkward when we made eye contact.
-enduring through an rm book of mormon class with my good friend willie.
-i absolutely loved the runners. you all know who i'm talking about. almost every day i was on campus i would see at least one person running frantically to who knows where. 
-having lunch with em every thursday at 11 am. 
-i thought it was so funny how hardly anyone stops to actually talk to people they know between classes. i caught myself doing it also. it's such an inconvenience to stop in the middle of the sidewalk, causing a traffic jam and disrupting peoples groove, so a quick hello and maybe a how are you is all anyone has time for. 
-american heritage movie nights with bff karissa and willie.
-there is one couple that i would see every monday and wednesday before my first class and i seriously love them. he has fire red hair and her hair is so blonde it's almost white. they are always hand in hand, she pulls her roller bag around and the guy just looks at the her while they talk the whole time. you can feel their love for each other and they are just perfect together. one day i heard her talking about rainbows and he was lovingly listening. pure bliss i tell you. 
-realizing that brad rigby's cousin was my ta for american heritage. small world.
-one time a guy was just looking up at the cloudless sky, just loving the beautiful weather. it made me want to stop and take more time to recognize the beauty around me.
-this one i kind of hated but it's still a favorite. trying to walk to and from classes is joke. have you seen the bee movie? in their town the bees don't have any traffic rules or lanes to drive in. it's basically chaos. that's how i feel between classes. you seriously have to get the timing right when walking through another stream of people, and you have to walk on the right side or everyone instantly knows your a newbie. it took a while to get used to but i think i have it down. 
-and last but certainly not least is the fact that my american heritage teacher did the entire napoleon dynamite dance for his classes. the class wasn't my favorite but he's a good guy. i loved picturing him practicing the dance possibly in his living room after dinner, in his bedroom before going to bed, out in the garage so no one could see him...whatever he did worked and it paid off. he sure has moves and that dr bradford made a great napoleon

i didn't finish out too strong but overall it was a good semester. hopefully in the fall i can become better as far as my studies are concerned and pay attention more in class and not to the things happening around me. until then i will just enjoy spring/summer and all that comes with it...

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  1. Movie nights were the best! I would watch 3 hours of Ghandi ANY day with you ;)But I seriously can't wait for summer and ALL of the adventures we are going to have. Love you Cam!