Monday, November 14, 2011

be resilient.

be resilient.
there is nothing we can't live down, rise above or overcome. -ella wheeler wilcox
i am still slightly suffering from an unfortunate clumsy moment i had last sunday. i went to logan with derek for part of the weekend to spend time with his family. i had more than a good time, soaked in every minute we spent with his lovely family, and i sprained my ankle. not the best way i could have ended our weekend but it was so worth it. we were playing an intense game of 3 bases (tag with some tricky rules and twists) and i tried to tag jd, the byu football star. bad idea. 4 stairs and 1 thud later, and i was on the floor. i was trying so hard to be tough and didn't cry at all. it is still quite swollen and bruised but im walking and driving fine. i wouldn't have changed anything about my weekend.

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  1. Sorry, what was that.. You have elephantiasis?? :). Lovely ankle