Tuesday, May 8, 2012

be moved.

"live to the point of tears." -albert camus

two shows that i have seen lately definitely moved me to tears and inspired me to keep living to the point of tears. i went to see the secret garden at the hale center (with the lovely jessie j) and oh my gosh. to say i was moved to the point of tears is a huge understatement. it was fantastic and it literally changed my life. i'm most likely going to go see it again. if anyone wants to join me, let me know. it runs at the hale center theater in orem until june 2 for anyone who is interested. go see it. you won't regret it. 
i also went to ingrid michaelson's concert and let me tell you, she is one talented lady. i cannot believe how much i'm in love with her music right now. i've been on an ingrid kick for a few months now. it seems like every song finds a place in my heart and i can relate to them all in one way or another. i'm so glad emmy was able to come with me. concerts have turned into our thing and i sure needed her that night, so it was great to be there together. i also loved seeing kirstyn afterwards and sharing stories with sadie from the concert. we're all such big fans. em and i forgot our id's so we weren't cool enough to be up on the balcony with kirst and her darling friends. next time. here's one of my favorite videos from the night. i highly recommend looking up others of hers. they won't disappoint. 

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  1. I want to see it!! the main character (or at least in some) goes to my school. She is a 6 grader in A.L.L. Her name is Mabel. <3 you -kaelin