Sunday, May 27, 2012

be proactive.

"whatever you are meant to do, move toward it and it will come to you." -gloria dunn

i'm not sure exactly what i am supposed to be doing right now with my life. the two things i know for sure are: i know i'm supposed to get an education-work in progress; and i know i'm supposed to keep the commandments to become more christ-like-work in progress. nothing in life feels complete right now--but that's alright. the fact is that life might not ever feel complete. it's all about the journey, not the destination, right? as long as i'm moving forward then whatever i am meant to do will come to me. this is how i moved forward this weekend.
-took a test-
-saw old friends-
-went to the temple-
-made a home cooked meal-
-spent quality time with my family-
-attempted to attend my nieces end-of-school dance programs-
-celebrated the engagement of the lovely mallory hales with our other jazz voices friends-
-ran (it's becoming an every other day thing. can't wait to have time to run everyday.)-
-talked with my friends who are gallivanting around italy- 
-attempted to be social in my new living environment-
-wrote my family newsletter entry-
-halfway completed a project-
-went grocery shopping-
-did some homework-
-read my scriptures-
-attended church-
all in all it's been a productive weekend. i don't know what i'm supposed to be doing right now. but as long as i'm just doing something-just being something, then i'm doing alright. just be.

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