Tuesday, April 2, 2013

be daring.

"if you're looking for a big opportunity, seek out a big problem." -h. jackson brown, jr. 

in preparation for the upcoming general conference i have been thinking, praying, and fasting about the questions that i have right now and would like answered. i've tried to not only have questions but also ideas and plans already in mind. i'll  move forward with them and if the lord doesn't stop me then i'll know it's an ok path for right now. the problem is that i have only made small plans. i guess thats ok for right now--one day at a time, right?

i can hardly wait for this weekend and have a testimony of personal revelation in addition to church wide revelation received by our prophets and apostles. taking even a few minutes to prepare and ponder things before conference will enhance your experience immensely. elder holland (love him too much already) says it much better than i do. 

"general conference has something for you"

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