Monday, December 20, 2010

a bugs life

a bugs life

the bugs in china are disgusting. the summer heat brought much more than just sunny days. it brought bugs. big bugs and lots of them. there were so many crickets and grasshoppers that just lined the street at night. we would run everywhere because they’d jump up onto us while we would walk. there were so many centipedes that crawl at the speed of lightening and are impossible to catch. i definitely don’t enjoy them. upon numerous occasions we would be walking around, minding our own business and all of the sudden a huge bug would be right in front of my face. i hate bugs. here are a few more examples of why i hate bugs.
currently there is a lady bug infestation here in bengbu. mary says that it’s just the season but i think that we’re suffering from some sort of lady bug plague. i’ve heard that some might be poisonous…

the first week michelle and i had a little visitor move into our room with us. it was an unwelcomed guest and we tried our very best to get him to leave. it took two days of searching for his bed, almost half a can of bug spray used as ammo, a few cups used as traps, and two miserable sleepless nights. this little bug crawled into a little hole in our bedrooms doorframe and camped out for a couple days. we killed a few bugs before finding him thinking we found the source of the annoying chirping noise but we hadn’t. this chirping was awful. it is unlike any sound i’ve heard. it was so high pitched and loud. michelle and i didn’t sleep for two nights because that little guy kept us up with his singing. let’s just say he died a slow and painful death.
at one point i easily had over 20 mosquito bites all over my legs. my ankles were constantly itching, my calves were raw because i was scratching so much and my thighs were bruised because the only way i could find relief was to distract myself and scratch hard enough that i started hurting elsewhere. as many of you know i definitely bruise easier than most and my bruises tend to stay for a while. i don’t know why this is but i don’t like it. especially when i’m the one that causes the bruising. 

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