Monday, December 20, 2010



 diet mt. dew
byu creamery milk
costa vida pork salad
wingers sticky finger quesadilla
byu creamery ice cream
arby’s cheddar melt
nesquick chocolate milk
jennie’s rolls
apple or cheese omelets
cheesy sour cream potatoes
j dawgs beef dog with lots and lots of special sauce
tomato sandwich
chik fil a nuggets
egg nog
carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
cereal: waffle crisp, cocoa pebbles, chex, reese’s puffs, you name it
basically the whole magleby’s fresh menu
cracked wheat cereal
carmel syrup
pumpkin chiffon pie
homemade bread
lemon chicken from la jolla groves
pumpkin cookies
whole wheat pancakes
buttermilk syrup
cold stone
pesto pizza

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