Monday, December 20, 2010

happy halloween

halloween has always been a fun holiday for me and one that i love to go all out for. i planned on getting a costume ready for this year before leaving for china but that never happened. so i was forced to get somewhat creative and use what little supplies i had. rachel, michelle and i decided to be a couple different things. we were cats for one day of classes, and scary ghosts for the other day of classes. and then we dressed up as chinese women for a party we threw. we hoped it would turn out a lot better than it did, so please forgive us and just look at that picture for only a fraction of a second. so question...did anyone eat way too much candy? i know i did. did anyone teach 30 chinese kids how to say trick or treat and come up one by one to say it and get a piece of candy? i know i did. did anyone dress up scary for your kindergarten class and make about six students cry? i know i did. did anyone have a party where a bunch of chinese people dressed up by putting bags with fly swatters taped to them on their head and called it a costume? i know i did. ok, ok... only the headmaster did that. others made hats out of paper, got their faces painted, or just came as themselves but it was still the best halloween party i've ever been to. 

my hair had already deflated too much prior to this pic. darn.

like i said, all-a-dollar paint on our faces, done without a mirror in less
than three minutes isn't a very good combination. failed attempt.

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