Tuesday, January 25, 2011

celeb sighting number one

one of the perks of working at a fancy restaurant is that on occasion you get the opportunity to serve someone famous. today was that day for me. well i guess i didn't serve him but i definitely made sure that his water was never half empty. because i live in provo i don't have the privilege of meeting too many famous people...especially famous rock stars. blake lewis enjoyed lunch (for quite a few hours might i add) with a few friends at la jolla groves today. my good friend and fellow back server sean heath was brilliant (and gutsy enough) to go up to him and introduce himself. i followed like a little puppy dog and was lucky enough to meet him and get a picture.

don't mind my lame stance. i'm so awkward in pictures...

thank you la jolla groves. i hope that you will give me the opportunity to meet many more celebs in the future at your fine restaurant. chris pine? brad pitt? hayden christensen? gavin degraw? channing tatum? jude law? matthew bellamy matt lanter? please?!

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