Monday, October 3, 2011

be amazed.

"as i started looking, i found more and more."
-valerie steele

i have found a new love. jazz. in high school my voice teacher gave me a little song to sing but i didn't sing it like a jazz song. still, i loved the song and felt like when i sang it i produced a sound that i liked. this summer i started with a new teacher, lindsey partridge (love her) and one of her specialties is jazz. i decided i wanted her help with jazz. no more classical arias or broadway hits for me right now. she told me after school just started that i would be trying out for jazz voices. i looked into it and said no way. she said it'll be a good audition experience, it'll get your name out there and it will just be good. i've been trying to do different things more often and with less hesitation. so i did it. i haven't been well vocally but by some miracle i still made it in. i'm so glad i did. it has been a blast so far and i definitely feel so much joy while singing jazz. it's 180 degrees different than the choirs i've been in previously. and i;m so glad it is. as alan matthews my director says, the sound starts in your toes. it's more fun that way, give it a try. 

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