Monday, October 3, 2011

be still.

"when you become quiet, it just dawns on you." -thomas edison

this quote is exactly why i love general conference. i love being able to say no i can't work, no i can't do something, no, no, no because i'm watching conference. all is quiet except for the marvelous words coming from our church leaders mouths. the ability to feel and listen to promptings of the spirit is so much easier. things truly just dawn on you. as i've gotten older i have come to really cherish conference and what it does for me personally. i'm so anxious to listen to or read the talks immediately after they're over. the fact that the lord gives us a modern day prophet, apostles and other leaders to guide and direct us and inform us of what he would have us know is amazing. i'm so blessed because of it. i'm so grateful for the guidance we get at conference and also what we get continually through the year via church magazines, devotionals, firesides, etc. i love the feeling of hope and strength i feel after conference. i hope that everyone had a great weekend also and feel that same burst of hope to press onward through our sad, sad world.

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