Sunday, January 16, 2011

check one off the list

i have accomplished one of my goals for the year already.i'm quite proud of myself for doing this. procrastination has yet to stop me from finishing all of the things on it. i suppose some will say that i should have waited to finish this particular goal until the summer of this year... but i, along with my little sister, was too anxious and needed something fun to do this weekend. 

ashlee, my sweet mother and i had a legitimate harry potter marathon that began late friday night. the schedule went as follows:
11:30 pm ordered pizza and cinna stix from dominos
12:00 am began watching harry potter and the sorcerer's stone
2:40 am started harry potter and the chamber of secrets
5:20 am turned on harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban
at this point we had snacked on candy, licorice, drank soda, ate caramel popcorn and tried to consume anything else to keep us awake. we made it through most of the movies so far but i personally really failed during the third one so i watched part of it again while making/eating waffles for breakfast. 
9:00 am repositioned ourselves on the couch downstairs as we turned on harry potter and the goblet of fire
(for some reason my mother thought it was appropriate to undecorate from christmas while watching the rest of the movies. i guess this was fine because she was being productive and i didn't want her to feel stressed later because she didn't do it. but i truly love being able to just sit, be lazy and fully enjoy being snuggled up in a blanket while watching a show. or six.)
11:45 am started harry potter and the order of the phoenix
all three of us had a sugar overload from the last 12 hours so we made a fruit plate and enjoyed that along with salty chips and popcorn for lunch. so healthy, i know. we also topped it off with our favorite dessert, hagrid's hash (a chocolate cake, pudding and cool whip and toffee trifle). i guess all those apples made our sugar induced head aches go away and we were ready for some more.
2:30 pm began harry potter and the half blood prince
unfortunately we weren't the most clean after vegging for two days so we took a short break to shower, freshen up and get ready to go see hp 7 pt 1 in the theater. we headed to five guys for a tasty burger and fries (smash of course got a grilled cheese) which was apparently the place to go in provo on a saturday night. we saw a couple from our stake, calli's wonderful parents and siblings, and jake and cindy ellis. good thing we took a break to become presentable and normal looking.
6:40 pm we were spoiled with the big screen and surround sound while watching harry potter and the deathly hallows pt 1
this marathon was very enjoyable. i was able to spend time with my wonderful mother and sister and i watched some of my favorite movies of all time. i can't believe how much i like harry potter and this weekend has caused my love for it to grow even more. something about the constant triumph of good over evil, or the wittiness or sometimes cheesiness of the dialog, or ron's facial expressions causes that love for harry potter to be there and to bring me joy. now i patiently wait for the deathly hallows pt 2 to come out july 15th of this year. until then i hope to reread all of the books and once again be engulfed into a world where anything is possible. 

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