Monday, January 3, 2011

maybe this year...

each year comes the time to make new years resolutions. i have always at least written down a few things that i wanted to "work" on. but the last few years i have taken it a little more seriously. my list consists of a few repeats and a few new ideas. it consists of quite a few different things but variety is good and i hope that having a variety will help me accomplish at least a few of these...ok lets be real. i want to accomplish all of them and the first step to doing that is telling myself that i'll be 100% successful. so here are my goals that i will do in 2011.

-work out daily-
-make it into the byu music ed program-
-blog once a week-
-make a book-
-be in a play-
-read the BOM twice-
-learn the guitar-
-have a legitimate hp marathon-
-save more than i spend-
-pray with a sincere heart-
-read at least 5 books-
-learn a new song on the piano-
-take advantage of the time i have with family and friends-

this is quite the list for me. it's a little lengthy and some of these things will be difficult for me. but i'm up for the challenge. positive thinking...

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