Saturday, January 1, 2011

christmas has come and gone.

i can't seem to figure out why christmas seems to fly by. i swear when i was younger it felt like christmas was such a big deal and that it lasted so much longer than it does now. i guess that's one of the downsides of growing up. christmas may not seem as long and it's different than my childhood memory of christmas, but i still love it. the feeling of it has changed and it really is more than too many sweets and a visit from santa. i absolutely love spending time with my family and friends who i love very much. the true meaning of christmas becomes more and more apparent each year and i couldn't be more grateful for that. i know christmas has come and gone but i won't be opposed to hearing a few more christmas songs the next couple of days. and i won't be opposed to keeping the decorations up at my house for at least a week or two longer. i guess what i'm saying is this season couldn't be long enough for me. maybe next year i'll feel completely satisfied by the end of it. maybe.

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