Saturday, January 1, 2011

i celebrated the new year by sweating more than i have in weeks, having no control over my body, and being pushed and shoved against people that i didn't even know. no my night did not include alcohol and no it did not include drugs. it was all due to an overpriced dance at uvu. although i was mostly miserable, it was really fun to be with my girls and ring in the new year in a way that i might not ever experience again. after that party we enjoyed our first meal of 2011 at my house around 1:11 am. waffles and pancakes were on the menu and we enjoyed probably a few too many until the wee hours of the morning. unfortunately we were unable to capture any of the night with a camera. we didn't take one single picture and i regret that entirely. hopefully this next year i will be better at taking pictures. 2010 brought many great memories, experiences and new friends. i'm hoping that 2011 will do the same. i feel like this year might not be as eventful but i guess we'll just have to see. i'm hoping that it will go by quickly and painlessly. i have yet to make my goals for this year but you know that when i do they will most likely include one about eating better, one about working out consistently, one about establishing good study habits, and one about being more selfless. those seem to be pretty common but are good none the less. i hope that this year i will stick with each one and be successful in accomplishing them. last year was great and lets hope this will be greater.
finished up being an ra at suu
met tyson jenkins. what more can i say?
cedar city with the girls
awesome summer festivities including a hp party
teaching in china
traveling all over china

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